Overnight Camp Registration

Registration for Summer Day Camp is now open and is first come, first served. Registration for the Summer Overnight Camp lottery has closed.


Please see the Summer Camp Dates and Summer Camp Rates pages for the summer schedule and fees. Please see the Day Camp page for information on registering for Day Camp.

Admission Criteria:

  • Camper must have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  • Camper must be at least four years of age at the time of camp.
  • Camper must be a current resident of North Carolina.
  • Camper’s behaviors must be manageable within the scope of ASNC policy and procedures and the supervision the camp is able to provide.
  • Camper must be exempt from any extreme health-care conditions or needs.

Application Fee:
A $25 non-refundable application fee is required for each individual applying to camp and must be paid by the deadline in order for the applicant to be included in the lottery. Parents or guardians applying for more than one child will PAY THE APPLICATION FEE ONLY ONCE. Group homes will pay one application fee per home where residents are applying.

Proof of Residence Requirement:
Camp Royall serves residents of NC only. All new campers must provide proof of NC residency upon application to our Program. Campers who have applied to camp in the past must resubmit a current proof of residency every three years. Each applicant’s proof of residency will be kept on file in the camp office for three years. Verification of NC residency may be requested at the discretion of the Camp Director at any time.

Submit one of the following to show proof of NC residence: (please read thoroughly)
The proof of NC residency can be sent to us at camp via fax, scan/email, or postal mail. We prefer to receive it via fax or email.

  1. Current utility billing statement (gas, electric, telephone, or cable) dated for service, in the parent or caregiver's name or the camper’s name, at your North Carolina address listed on the application within the previous 30 days. (This should be an actual bill, not a notification email.) OR,
  2. For individuals living in group homes, send us (on your letterhead) one list naming the residents of your home who are applying to attend camp. Make sure the address of the residence is listed on the letter as well.

Lottery Process:
It is the policy of ASNC to give equal consideration to all appropriate applicants by using a rotating selection process. Applicants for overnight camp will go through a lottery system. Those who did not attend camp in 2016 will be given first priority for available slots. Campers who did attend camp in 2016 will fill remaining slots. A random lottery will determine the order in which campers in each priority group are chosen. The lottery takes place in early March, and we will notify you by mid-March about your placement at camp.

2017 Summer Camp registration process timeline:
This will tell you what is expected in the application process and what we are doing on our end as well!


2017 Summer Camp Registration Steps and Dates
Registration Step Postmark Due Date
Online registration opens January 11
Deadline for online registration and scholarship application
(Proof of NC residence and application fee required)
February 28
Lottery takes place at Camp Royall March 7-9
Notification of acceptance, week or wait-list assignments, emailed from Camp Royall March 20
$100 deposit due (as well as payment plan for remaining fee) April 3
All remaining forms/fees/payment plan arrangements due.
Must be updated online or postmarked and put in the mail to Camp Royall.
May 1
Final mailing (packing list, driving directions, etc. sent to accepted campers) May 12
*Those deadlines noted in bold are mandatory for all families!  


If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at:

Camp Royall
250 Bill Ash Road
Moncure NC 27559
Office 919-542-1033
Fax 919-542-6343
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.