The primary focus of the Autism Society of North Carolina is supporting individuals with autism and their families. We support the community in a variety ways, regardless of your situation.


The Autism Society of North Carolina's Resource Directory is a new, web-based database of the most often requested resources from the 17 Autism Resource Specialists that ASNC employs throughout the state.

The Resource Directory is not comprehensive; we continue to add and update listings, and new categories will be added. It is divided into three categories of resources: autism therapy and developmental services; health care and wellness; and emotional, social, and family support.


Autism Resource Specialists are available throughout the state, covering all counties. We also have a bilingual (Spanish-English) advocate. Autism Resource Specialists offer expertise in information and referrals, school issues, training, mental health services, transition planning and adult support, chapters and local support groups, crisis services, and more. Click here to find one near you.

Toolkits: Our easy-to-use, accessible toolkits can guide you through challenging times. Subjects include school-related issues, behavior, accessing services, bullying, advocacy, and more. 


Chapters and Support Groups: Autism Society of North Carolina Chapters have been a vital part of the community since visionary parents founded our organization in the 1970s. Chapters are led by generous parents or family member volunteers who join together with other concerned individuals to create a welcoming and inclusive community of support for people with autism and their families.