Social Narrative Examples

Some individuals with autism learn best through narratives that teach them what to do in certain situations. Here we offer a couple of ideas for social narratives that you might find helpful.

You can copy this text and adjust it to your needs. Many websites and apps offer free images that you can pair with the narratives if the individual is a visual learner.


My Pool Rules

I love to go to the pool.

I feel really happy and excited when I go there.

When I go to the pool, there are rules that I should always try to follow.

1. Use walking feet.  

2. Use the stairs to get into the pool. 

3. Get out when the whistle blows.  

4. Sit on my towel until the lifeguard blows the whistle.   

I follow these rules to stay safe.

I should try to follow these rules so I can stay at the pool and keep having fun.



Bullies use mean words and actions to make other people feel sad and scared. Bullying can happen one time, or it can happen over and over.

People bully others because they want to feel power, and it makes them feel better about themselves. Bullying is always wrong. It is NOT MY FAULT if I am bullied. I am a good person, and I do not deserve to be bullied.

If I think I am bullied, here is what I will do:

I will try to stay calm.

I will quickly get away from the bully. I will not say anything to the bully.

I will tell a trusted adult like a teacher and my parents. I will tell them on that same day.

It is not my fault that I am bullied.


The ASNC Bookstore also offers many resources that can help parents and caregivers create teaching narratives.