Camp Testimonials

“Jacob was a first-time camper this year at Camp Royall. I honestly was not sure how it would go for him since this was the first time he has ever been away overnight. He obviously had the time of his life, and our family could not be more pleased! It gave us time to reflect and appreciate the little things that we love so much about Jacob. Thank you so much for the opportunity! We will be back.
- Amanda, parent

“The only place on earth where I don’t have to worry about my child. It’s a happy place and allows my child opportunities he would never experience.
- parent

“Camp is Grey’s favorite event of the year any year that she is accepted. She talks about it all year long and comes back each time with increased independence and confidence. She has so much anxiety-free fun and exhibits such pure joy. I cannot express what this means to me as her mom and all the gratitude I feel to everyone involved.
- Denise, parent

“I cannot say enough good things about camp. They made it look so easy, and we are very pleased with the experience and looking forward to future experiences! When you have a child with autism, you know that they may miss out on some experiences in life that a typically developed child would have. This is just a huge blessing to have this program and to know that my children will have a memory of summer camp. To know there is a place that they will be treated wonderfully by people who understand and are trained to meet their needs. It is a huge sense of support and relief to me. I honestly did not believe I could ever have a break until maybe later on in the years and did not expect one. THANK YOU!
- Michelle, parent

“Very well-organized, super special people involved and a blessing to families who have a child with autism. Extraordinary!
- Sara, parent

“Our first year at Camp Royall was a valuable experience for our family. Skill building and entertainment were definitely benefits of camp, but I think the biggest impact was found in realizing Isaac and Samuel are truly ready to experience new things independently and in doing so, build their confidence.
- Amy, parent

“Our child had a great week!
- Ruth, parent

“You are awesome and provide excellent services that allow our special children a normal, fun camp experience. This camp is a highlight of my son’s summer and a great source of respite for our younger children. Our son has been in excellent trained hands to get the most out of his action-packed camp week. My son is nonverbal but was able to work well with your excellent counselors who took the time and effort to help Michael Isaac enjoy all of the activities. The counselors were great about calling me to let me know my son was okay and having fun.
- Bernadette, parent

“We think Camp Royall is next to Heaven. We only wish he could go every year!
- Carol and Andy, parents

“This camping experience is the most wonderful opportunity for an autistic individual that we have ever been privileged to have. My son’s self-esteem skyrocketed! It was a week of joy. Thank you.
- Sheila, parent

“This was a very exciting experience for my son who was recently diagnosed with Asperger’s. He learned that he was not the only one and feels more confident about himself. Thank you so much for everything!
Lisa, parent

“We just wanted to thank the people behind Camp Royall for all they do to make a camper’s experience joyful and memorable. You might brag about your super-neat sensory room, that nice air-conditioned gym, the boats on the pond, the refreshing pool, or even the comfortable housing... but none of it really matters unless you hire the very best people. Miss Sara and her crew (wish we could name them all!) are the silver lining in what could just be any ole camp.
- Libby, parent

“I am extremely pleased with the entire experience!
- Nancy, parent

“The knowledge that not only had he enjoyed camp, but camp had enjoyed him, was important to us. For all of us parents who are raising children with autism, acceptance of our children – just as they are – is priceless. Thank you so much for giving a seven-year-old boy the ’time of his life,’ and for giving his parents hope that there are other special people, and that there are other special weeks, waiting for our family as we continue our journey with Jacob.
- parents